My current Newsletter with information and appointment openings

More about KMI Structural Integration - Where I went for my Structural Integration Training

More about The Colorado School of Healing Arts - Where I went for my Massage and Cranial Training

More about Judith Aston and Aston Kinetics - my latest trainings and great movement info check out

her video page...

More about Leni Onkka - my mentor and teacher for the energy clearing work I receive and practice.

More about Essentia 5 - Where I get my bath fizzies and muscle salve and soaps

More about Ambary Gardens -  Where I get my high quality, sourced on-site CBD Products

More about Veriditas by Pranarom - The organic essential oils I use

More about Rosemary's Garden - Where I buy the Veriditas oils

Bittle Box Art - Where I get my Orgone positive energy generator pendants from 

More about Fascia and Tensegrity - Always interesting...

More about Fascial Fitness

More about Sweet Cheeks Boutique for waxing, facials, lash extensions

More about the Women's Bean Project

More about Lincoln Yoga Center

More about Second Wind and suicide prevention

The Imagine Project - giving the next generation a voice for positive change

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